Alun Hubbard

Alun Hubbard

Alun Hubbard is a professor of glaciology and the Arctic Five chair at the University of Tromsø in Norway. He is interested in subglacial processes, ice/methane-hydrate interactions and the dynamical response of glaciers and ice sheets to atmospheric, oceanic and geological forcing.

A fast-flowing outlet glacier calves a ‘megaberg’ into Greenland’s Uummannaq Fjord. (Photo by Alun Hubbard)

What’s going on with the Greenland ice sheet?

By: - August 30, 2022

I’m standing at the edge of the Greenland ice sheet, mesmerized by a mind-blowing scene of natural destruction. A milewide section of glacier front has fractured and is collapsing into the ocean, calving an immense iceberg. Seracs, giant columns of ice the height of three-story houses, are being tossed around like dice. And the previously […]