David A. James

David A. James

David A. James is a freelance writer in Fairbanks and the editor of "Writing on the Edge: An Anthology of Contemporary Alaskan Stories."

A schoolgirl receives a polio vaccine in Uttar Pradesh, India, in December 2012. (Photo by Alan Janssen/CDC)

Witnessing the legacy of polio shows urgency of childhood vaccinations for Alaska

By: - February 28, 2023

The first time I saw a child physically marred by polio was in November of 1992 on a street in India. A boy no more than 8, using badly scarred elbows because his hands were unusable, dragged his limp lower torso towards me across the filthy sidewalk, his uncontrolled legs twisted so far askew that […]

Protestors hold signs during an abortion-rights rally June 25, 2022, outside the Dimond Courthouse in Juneau, Alaska.

Abortion, morality and the law

By: - July 14, 2022

Morality is not simple. It’s easy to hold absolute positions in the abstract, but when human realities intrude, what seems straightforward becomes complex. For instance, the Ten Commandments state, “Thou shalt not kill.” No exceptions. Yet the Bible is littered with exceptions, because it isn’t that simple. Our modern laws reflect this. Killing others is […]