Elisa J. Sobo

Elisa J. Sobo

Elisa (EJ) Sobo, professor and chair of anthropology at San Diego State University, is a sociocultural anthropologist. Past president of the Society for Medical Anthropology and a longstanding member of the editorial boards of Anthropology and Medicine, Medical Anthropology, and Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Dr. Sobo has published 13 books and numerous peer-reviewed articles.

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Land acknowledgments meant to honor Indigenous people too often do the opposite

By: , and - October 11, 2022

Many events these days begin with land acknowledgments: earnest statements acknowledging that activities are taking place, or institutions, businesses and even homes are built, on land previously owned by Indigenous peoples. And many organizations now call on employees to incorporate such statements not only at events but in email signatures, videos, syllabuses and so on. […]