Jennifer Routledge

Jennifer Routledge

Jennifer Routledge is a Ph.D. candidate in environmental and life sciences at Trent University in Canada. She works under the supervision of Dr. Paul Szpak, in the Trent Environmental Archaeology Lab at Trent University, and uses stable isotope analysis to reconstruct the paleoecology of circumpolar megafauna.

A polar walks across an overwashed barrier island during a large Arctic storm in September of 2016. The barrier island is offshore of Barter Island on Alaska’s Beaufort Sea coast. Polar bears there typically rest on the barrier islands during the day and transit to the "bone pile" on Barter Island in the evenings to feast on whale carcass remnants supplied by local village whaling activities. (Photo by Cordell Johnson/U.S. Geological Survey)

How analyzing ancient and modern polar bear samples reveals the full scope of global warming

By: - September 1, 2023

The global climate is changing and the Arctic is warming rapidly. These are objectively true statements that most people have come to accept. But it is also true that Earth’s climate has never been stagnant and climate anomalies have been frequent throughout the past. How then, do we understand our current situation relative to past […]