Jennifer Weeks

Jennifer Weeks

Jennifer Weeks is the senior environment + energy editor for The Conversation. She covered environment, science and health for a decade as a freelance journalist before joining The Conversation in 2015. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Boston Globe Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Audubon, Discover and Slate. Previously she was a Congressional aide, public-interest lobbyist and policy analyst. Weeks holds a BA in history from Williams College, an MA in political science from the University of North Carolina and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Invasive zebra mussels colonize a rock at Lewis and Clark Lake in Yankton, S.D. (Photo by Sam Stukel/USFWS/Flickr)

Invasive species cause billions of dollars in damage worldwide: 4 essential reads

By: - September 6, 2023

Invasive species – including plants, animals and fish – cause heavy damage to crops, wildlife and human health worldwide. Some prey on native species; other out-compete them for space and food or spread disease. A new United Nations report estimates the losses generated by invasives at more than US$423 billion yearly and shows that these […]

A plane sprays pesticide on corn in California. (Photo by Andy Sacks/Getty Images)

Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ at 60: 4 essential reads

By: - October 13, 2022

In 1962 environmental scientist Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring,” a bestselling book that asserted that overuse of pesticides was harming the environment and threatening human health. Carson did not call for banning DDT, the most widely used pesticide at that time, but she argued for using it and similar products much more selectively and paying […]