Madeline Toubiana

Madeline Toubiana

Madeline Toubiana is associate professor and the Desmarais Chair in Entrepreneurship and Organization at the University of Ottawa. She studies what stalls and supports social change and innovation. More specifically, she examines the role of emotions, institutional processes, entrepreneurship and stigmatization in influencing the dynamics of social change.

A person is fly fishing in Alaska in 2013. (Photo by Joseph/CC BY-SA)

What social change movements can learn from fly fishing: The value of a care-focused message

By: , and - August 29, 2023

Summer and fall are prime times for getting outdoors across the U.S. According to an annual survey produced by the outdoor industry, 55% of Americans age 6 and up participated in some kind of outdoor recreation in 2022, and that number is on the rise. However, the activities they choose are shifting. Over the past […]