Miya Warrington

Miya Warrington

Miya Warrington is an adjunct professor of natural resources at the University of Manitoba. Warrington is a behavioral ecologist with research interests in the evolution and ecology of animal behavior with a focus on conservation biology and animal adaptations to environmental change. Warrington's research combines field-based mensurative and manipulative experiments with laboratory approaches (e.g. genetics) to explore the evolutionary and ecological drivers of cooperation, and behavioral response to impacts of natural environmental change, and human-induced disturbances (e.g. traffic, noise, and industrial activity) and climate change.

Corvids like ravens are social and intelligent birds who provide extended care for their young. (Photo by Neal Herbert/National Park Service)

Bird-brained? Climate change may affect intelligence in birds

By: and - March 28, 2023

  Large brains are a hallmark of human evolution. Brains allow us to make sense of the world and to successfully navigate through our lives. Bigger brains are valuable because they provide increased flexibility to deal with everyday problems, allowing them to make better decisions, learn difficult skills and innovate solutions to challenging problems. Large […]