Tadas Nikonovas

Tadas Nikonovas

Tadas Nikonovas is a research officer at the Centre for Wildfire Research, department of geography, Swansea University in Wales. He studied geography and his Ph.D. focused on satellite-based estimation of atmospheric emissions from large wildfires in boreal regions. Following completion of the Ph.D., his research interests were satellite observations of global fire activity, wildfire emissions modeling and prediction of fire occurrence.

One of the authors, Stefan H. Doerr, investigates a wildfire in boreal Canada. Most of the carbon lost in this fire would have been from soil, not trees. (Photo by Cristina Santin, author provided)

Extreme wildfires are turning world’s largest forest ecosystem from carbon sink into net-emitter

By: and - March 3, 2023

The vast boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere stretch from Scandinavia through Siberia, Alaska and Canada. They cover a tenth of the world’s land but hold one-third of the land’s carbon, stored mainly in organic-rich soils and in trees. Now, a new study in the journal Science provides further evidence that emissions from wildfires in […]