Private Right, Episode 1: The ConCon question

Hosted By: Lisa Phu - November 1, 2022


In the Nov. 8 election, Alaska voters will be asked whether or not to call a constitutional convention. 

This is what Ballot Measure 1 will say: “Shall there be a constitutional convention?” 

A constitutional convention is a gathering where elected delegates propose changes to the state’s founding document. The delegates could look at anything – from a minor change to a total rewrite. 

Alaska hasn’t held a constitutional convention since the mid-1950s when the state constitution was first written. The people who wrote it said they wanted to give Alaskans a chance to rewrite it in the future. Voters have consistently rejected the question ever since then. 

But this time could be different.

Private Right from the Alaska Beacon is a show about abortion in Alaska, a conservative state with a strong right to choose. Lisa Phu is the host. In this series, you’ll hear Alaskans talk about abortion, and its impact on the state and their lives.

Episode credits: Lisa Phu, writer, reporter and producer; Andrew Kitchenman, editor; and Dave Waldron, engineer. Thank you to Kelli Burkinshaw for help in gathering audio. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.

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