Private Right, Episode 4: Nivi

Hosted By: Lisa Phu - January 17, 2023


The right to have an abortion in Alaska is protected under the state constitution’s privacy provision. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s equitable for all Alaskans to access one. Due to Alaska’s vastness and limited number of providers, traveling to an abortion provider can be a big barrier. Other obstacles include cost and logistics.

In 2015, Niviaaluk Brandt, a mom of two, had to overcome all these barriers to get an abortion.  

“It seriously saved my life. Especially emotionally or spiritually, I think that I would’ve died. I think I would just crumble into myself,” said Brandt,

Private Right from the Alaska Beacon is a show about abortion in Alaska, a conservative state with a strong right to choose. Lisa Phu is the host. In this series, you’ll hear Alaskans talk about abortion, and its impact on the state and their lives.

Episode credits: Lisa Phu, writer, reporter and producer; Andrew Kitchenman, editor; and Dave Waldron, engineer. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.

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